May 5, 2017


Preparing to Update 140CPU43412A Firmware

In this guide, we will explain how to prepare a 140CPU43412A in order to update the CPU’s firmware and operating system. This update requires a Windows PC with Unity Pro installed and a binary file containing the OS firmware to download. Unity Version 2.0 mini must be installed on the PC, as well as the OS loaded (provided in Unity Pro) which will download the actual firmware.

The 140CPU43412A firmware can only be downloaded by a direct connection between the CPU and the PC by the Modbus or Modbus Plus ports. Please note that the Modbus Plus port is much faster when it comes to downloading firmware. The USB port CANNOT be used to download the OS. Also note that only address 1 can be used for downloading, so no other device can be connected to the network using address 1.

Upgrading 140CPU43412A Firmware from Concept to Unity

Upgrading your 140CPU43412A from Concept to Unity firmware requires 3 main steps. First, upgrading the PLC to Unity with an intermediate OS. Second, powering off and on the CPU. Third, Updating the OS with the appropriate file. After completing the steps in the first section above, the OS loader must be started to download the firmware. To open this, click on Start –> Program –> Schneider-Electric –> Unity-PRO –> OS loader. When complete, the following screen will appear.

140CPU43412A Firmware

From this screen, select the “Next” button. The following screen will appear which allows you to select the communication method that you will use to download the driver.

140-cpu-434-12a firmware
Select either the MODBUS01 or MBPLUS01 depending on which communication protocol you are using, then select the “Next” button. On the next screen, select “Processor” in the Device Type Field, then press “Next.” When the new screen has proposed, select the “Download OS to device” button.

140CPU43412A Firmware Download
Next select the “Browse…” button to select the firmware’s file location to download to the 140CPU43412A. In this example, we will update the OS from 140CPU43412A to 140CPU43412U. For this, select the folder Quantum –> Processor_modules –>Concept_to_Unity. Then select the 140CPU43412U folder. Since the processor must be formatted for Unity before the OS can be downloaded, select the Concept_to_Unity_43412U.bin as shown below.

140-CPU-434-12A firmware download
Once compete, select the “Next” button. You will see a warning pop up on your screen.. Select the “OK” button as this is normal. Note that a download of the firmware will not be possible if the system recognizes a discrepancy between the hardware or on the OS version. Solve this issue before continuing if applicable, then select the “Download” button. Once the download is complete, click on “Close” twice.

Next you must power Off and On the 140CPU43412A. You may also reset the PLC by pushing the Restart button the module. Once this has been accomplished, make sure that the Ready light is steady and that the Run light is blinking. If you do not see this, reset the module again. Once both these lights are steady and blinking, you may download the final firmware binary file. Follow the same steps as above, except select the 140CPU43412U.bin file this time around. Follow the exact same procedures listed above, and then restart your module. After this is complete, you will have successfully updated your 140CPU43412A firmware.

These same steps may also be performed when updating the 140CPU43412A firmware to a newer version.